Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Throughout September and October I faithfully went to PT, and after nearly two months of PT on my SI joint (did you know your pubic bone can dislocate?  it can!), I had no piriformis pain that couldn't be massaged out, and I was off and running, both figuratively and literally.

I'd put together a maintenance routine for myself, using advice from Ready to Run and the famous MYRTL routine, to keep everything limber and fluid.  I put blue Superfeet in my Kayanos.  I warmed up before my runs in the dark, during which I wore a headlamp and the most brilliant reflective shell for safety.  I increased gently to 30 miles a week.  Something flu-like knocked me out for a week, but I figured I'd use the time off to rest, and I still managed ~93 miles in November.

And two weeks ago I felt a twinge.  A slightly tight thigh.  Okay, so I rumbled into action.  Foam rolling.  The stick.  Mobility upstream and downstream. Couch stretches.  Smash!  Floss! Epsom salt soak.  Good to go!  Ran up some trails.  Ran gently and easily in the morning.  Noticed my pace was dropping off but figured it was due to the mileage increase.

Then I ran a Turkey Trot.  The local hospital joins with several local charities to produce this fun low-key race that covers the hills in the nearby neighborhood.  Entry is a donation to charity, and the timing is just a man with a watch who tells you your time as you cross.  It's charming, and there was also a two-mile walk, so the husband and the toddler got in some quality stroller time while I ran.

I was feeling a little tight so I just decided to pace it, hoping to come in under 45 for five miles.  The race stopped at 4.65 miles by my Garmin, and I finished in  41:35.  As the man running next to me quipped, that's one PR that will stand for a while.  I was happy to run relatively even splits.

I kept running, and then Sunday did an achingly tight 5 miler, then yardwork, and now I'm limping.   My guess is that it's my hip flexor.

Sometimes this sport is really annoying.

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