Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bulletproof birdpoop.

Not even kidding a little bit about the title.  Six miles into my planned seven mile run today, I heard a squawk, and felt a bit of dampness on my cheek.  Yes, I got nailed by a bird.

At least it wasn't a mountain lion -- there's one that's been spotted up the canyon east of where I normally run....!

Easy seven miles today.  I'm still battling sluggish legs and turnover.  I'm not a fast runner by any means, and I know that, but for the past month I've been averaging around 9:30 when I don't push it, with times dipping into the lower 9s.  Today it was a struggle to average around 10.  I did add a hill at around five miles to push to a new route to complete seven miles, but I was working very hard.

I've been neglecting sleep a bit lately, so I suspect that's most of it.  Nothing hurts, at least, besides my pride... being under 10 min/mile is important to me!

Muddy day, too:
Love the waffle sole; but so does the mud.

Muddy shoes are happy shoes.
The Nike Pegasus 30 is my go-to workhorse of a shoe, but it is really not great on muddy service roads.

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