Monday, June 30, 2014


Yes, I'm lifting in a running skirt.

So today Coach said we were going for our first 1-rep max.  To do this, we'd begin by lifting 50% of our estimated max 8 times, then add weight and lift 6.  Repeat for 3, 2, 1, 1, 1... and then we'd know what our max was.

She did not tell us to plan for pictures!   Hence insane hair.  

Here I am mid overhead press.  Do I have too much curve in my lumbar spine?  Possibly.  

We maxed deadlift (131lbs) and overhead press (60lb.)  I think the plan is to test this every four week, so we can see how our training is going.  With the amount of running I'm doing, I don't expect to make great strength gains.  

Then I came home, drank chocolate milk, ate dinner, weeded the garden, and mowed the lawn.  I have this cross-training thing DOWN.

And tomorrow is a six-mile run.  Urp.

Great review of the Nike Zoom Pegasus 31.  I'm currently doing most of my miles in the 30 (clearance beats new every time), so it's great to see that they haven't changed it too much.  Plus, Pete's right.  It's a sweet-looking shoe.

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