Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week one recap.


  • 3.77 miles/9:42 pace/36:32 minutes
  • 3 miles easy running + 4 strides (pick ups for 30 seconds, recover)
  • First day of the official half marathon training program!  I felt good after the first mile; the difficulty with my short route is that the initial path to the trail is straight up hill:

  • 5.04 miles/10:02 pace/50:35 minutes
  • The plan called for 4-5 miles of easy running.  What I did was a shuffling slog.  It was a strange run -- it wasn't too taxing, but I felt as if my legs were splayed all over the place, and that instead of propelling myself forward, I was just bouncing along.  Frustrating, and it shows in the pace.
  • The plan calls for cross-training or resting, and I opted to make Wednesdays one of my strength training days.  
  • What I did:
    •  500 M row or walk/jog 2 laps, regular stretches (inchworms, lunges)
    • Around the worlds with 10# plate, air squats (full range of motion)
    • 5 x 5 Dead lifts at ~85% effort (100lbs max.)
    • 5 x 5 Overhead press at ~85% effort (55 lbs max)
    •  3 minutes of planks (2 sets of 1:30)
    • Foam rolling, trigger point tennis ball, and half-pigeon.
  • Then I followed it up with two hours of gardening, moving a cubic yard of soil pep into the beds.  No need for more planks!
  • Ten minute warmup, then repeat for six: 30 seconds hard running, 1:00 recovery, ten minute ish cool down.
  • This is the first time I've ever done speedwork, even little baby step interval speedwork like this.  I was spent by the last recovery.  I suspect that the point of most of this is to get my body to understand how to change paces and what running quickly feels like.  So far, body's response is a giant WHOA.
  • Splits for 30 second pickups:  6:44; 6:53; 6:58; 6:32; 6:48; 7:45 (dead.)  
  • Strength training, glorious strength training.  The area with the racks and benches was closed off, so we had to improvise from Coach's plan:
    • - Medicine ball tosses (10 each: underhand, overhand, left, right)
    •  5 x 5 back squat (40lbs only because without a rack I had to clean & jerk it!)
    • - 5 x 5 dumbbell bench press (25lb max)
    • - 3 x 8 low rows (
    • - 5 100m sprints on the rower
    • Then we rolled some foam.  (It really should be called this.)


  • 6 miles at an easy 9:49 pace.  Half roads, half easy trail, only one hill to bother about.
  • Running the day after lifting heavy is a bit challenging.  It takes a while for my legs to warm up.  It didn't help matters that after a few weeks of running without music, I brought along my iPod shuffle only to have it die two minutes into the run because as it turns out one needs to charge these things.  Who'd'a thought?
  • Nothing like getting home at 7am just in time to hear the baby wake up and demand MILK STORY STORY MILK.  Honestly, awesome mornings, but I could use some time to shower.

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