Friday, June 27, 2014

Evil Ewoks

Scenes from a marriage:

"Do you think the Ewoks roasted the stormtroopers at the end of Return of the Jedi?"
"What?  No! Why would you think such a thing?"
"Because they're clearly the most dangerous foe in the galaxy.  They defeated the Empire."
"No, think about it.  They tried to cook Han, Luke, and Leia."
"Right... oh, God, you're right.  And they were playing the drums on their helmets!  Or heads!"
"They're cannibals."
"Well, not cannibals..."
"Okay, fine.  They eat people."
"Did you want to have a burger at the Yub-nub party?"
"Do you think Lando and the rest of them knew?"

I have no idea what prompted this.


I meant to do an easy three miles at 6AM, but this morning when my alarm went off I felt weak and drained.  It was raining, so I seized upon the excuse to head back to bed.  The weather cleared as the day went on, and I met a friend around 3PM for what was supposed to be an easy three.

I took the jogging stroller.

I haven't pushed the baby in the stroller on a run in three months.

The route featured a few rolling climbs.

It was a sunny 73 degrees with 38% humidity, which is basically a monsoon in Utah terms.

End result: 11:37 minutes per mile, death from exhaustion.

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