Monday, June 23, 2014

Women should clean!

...and jerk!

Today's strength workout focused on learning the technique for the "clean" part of the "clean and jerk."  With relatively light weights, we started with a hanging pull, driving our hips and shoulders up, and then basically racked the bar up on our shoulders.  I'm intrigued at how much of weightlifting is about technique, transferring the energy of one's hips and glutes to one's wrists.

Anyhow, lots of fun.  I'm not too worried about lifting a ton right now as I'm thinking of it as only cross-training while I'm training for this half.

What I did:

  • -practice cleans
  • - 3x5 dead lift at about 80% (2 warm-up sets first)
  • - 3x5 standing press at about 80% (2 warm-up sets first)
  • - for 10 minutes on rower: 1 minute at about 85%, 1 minute at easy pace
80% for me on deadlifts is about 85lb; standing press only 45lb as I don't quite yet grok the starting position.  

Up tomorrow at 5:30am:  5 easy miles.

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