Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Yesterday was a day that wouldn't quit.  I started off with an easy six miles at six am (9:47), then home, shower, wake up the toddler, breakfast, laundry, work, meeting, mow the lawn, make dinner, then get an (overall great) e-mail from the editor requesting more revisions, revise until 11pm, pass out.

It's a good thing today is a rest day!

In May I purchased many starter plants for the vegetable garden from a great local nursery.  They have a great variety of plants, and I like in particular how easy it is to find ornamental plants suited to the local climate.

On that day, however, there was a cheerful hand-lettered poster inviting us to try planting peanuts.  I had the same reaction everyone else did, I imagine: "Huh.  Peanuts.  Never thought to try to grow peanuts.  I will purchase a $0.69 peanut plant right away."  I remember from learning about George Washington Carver in third grade that peanuts are good for the soil (nitrogen fixing?), so if nothing else, a couple of peanut plants would be good for the garden.

I know nothing else.  I don't know how big they'll get. The Internet tells me they grow underground, which I think I knew?  In any case, they're a pretty plant:
Holy crap, there's a snail there.  Ew.

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