Sunday, July 20, 2014

I think I'm giving up on this long run.

It's been an unusually tiring week.  Fitting in runs in this heat means getting up at 5:30AM, and having a toddler means that the longest I ever sleep in is 6:30 AM, and so I think I've been operating at a serious sleep deficit for the past month.  It caught up with me with a sore throat and exhaustion that killed Thursday's run, insomnia Friday night so I lost Saturday's run, but I wasn't worried.

I had a plan.

I'd get to bed early Saturday night, wake up well-rested this morning, and run my eight miles.   In effect, I'd have switched my long run and my rest day, but as eight miles isn't a stretch for me, I figured no harm done.

I went to bed at 9:30, hoping to fall asleep by 10.  I noticed a smell of smoke; queried the spouse, who suggested that it was an outdoor grill or firepit.

The smell grew stronger.  By 11pm, I looked outside, and I saw this.
A fire had started up in the canyon, and as the evening winds picked up, it spread.  Fire crews (totally awesome) managed to contain it above the fire road, and no homes or structures were threatened.  Homes a quarter mile closer to the fire were evacuated, and there was a trail of cars down our street.  This morning it's still burning out, and the entire area smells of smoke.

The toddler woke up when we opened his door to ensure air could circulate into his room.  We had to shut the windows and turn off the swamp cooler due to the smoke.  We hid out in the basement for a bit, where it was cooler and less obviously smoky, and then we lost power, and all went upstairs to go back to sleep once we saw via Twitter that the fire had been largely contained and that the evacuation order had been lifted.

Fortunately, no injuries and no property damage.  But yes, the trail near where I normally run was ON FIRE.  

As a result, I've had maybe five hours of sleep in the past forty-eight hours.  And I've gone from exhausted to drained.   The air quality is horrible, although we might get some relief if it rains this afternoon.

Missing this run won't kill me.  I can do eight; I've done it before.   Next weekend I have nine scheduled, and I can manage that, too.  But I'm itching to get out there.   

Maybe after a nap?

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