Monday, July 7, 2014

Go fourth; week three recap.

Family in town over the holiday made for a crazy few days in which I think I saw my computer once.

I did, however, manage to get the training runs in.

Friday's run was an easy three four miles, made difficult only because I didn't realize until I double-checked the training plan that I had to do an extra mile.  It's funny how running four miles isn't a problem until it's suddenly 33% more than one had planned to do.  Nice, easy 9:30 pace.

I had eight miles planned for Saturday, and originally, I was going to get up at my usual 5:30 and knock them out before the temperatures flew into the high 90s.  Fireworks and festivities the day before, however, meant Saturday morning came and I stupidly talked myself into sleeping in, reasoning I could run later in the evening after the heat of the day had passed.

So my sister decided to accompany me for the first three miles, which we agreed would start at around 7:30.  It was still hot, so we chose a relatively shady flat street to begin.

Half a mile into it, at an easy-for-me-but-death-for-her 11:30 pace, she was hurting.  Between the heat and the elevation, she was not a happy runner.  So we swung back home and I continued on the next 6.5 miles myself.

93 degrees.  I stopped for two water breaks, and consumed 20oz over the course of the run.  It wasn't enough!  I looked as if I had been encrusted in salt.  I wasn't hurting too badly when I arrived at home, but I didn't sleep well and spent most of the night getting up to refill my water bottle.

Sunday was for resting, so we went to the zoo and walked around in 95 degree heat.

What I felt like.

Today was another strength training 1-rep-max test day, this time on the bench press for me.  We warmed up, and then did 3 x 250m rowing sprints (death!)  I benched a solid 80lbs.  

Last Monday's lifting.  Wednesday's run.  Thursday's run.

Janae, my $0.02:  if you want to eat better, you have to not just get rid of the candy, but make healthy foods readily at hand.  Get a Ziploc container with the compartments; chop up fruits and veggies, slice some cheese, and portion out some nuts.  Fill it up -- store in the fridge for when you're feeling snacky.  This basically saved me when I was early post-partum, newly nursing, and running around half-starved rummaging through the pantry for chocolate chips.

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