Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On track.

Yesterday started inauspiciously.  My alarm went off at 5:30, but I opted to sleep in, reasoning that I had only three miles to do, and they could be just as easily done in the jogging stroller if I left off the strides.

So I woke up for the day at the late hour of 6:45, fed the baby, ran an errand, strapped the kid into the jogging stroller only to discover that the right rear tire had gone flat, again.  I just replaced it on Saturday.  After futilely trying to reinflate it for half an hour, I was out of time and patience, and so I kicked my run to 8pm, after the baby's bedtime.

It was a good run.  3 miles at a good pace, followed by 5 strides.  (The plan said six.  The hell with the last stride, I said.)  I'm not all that comfortable with speed yet, but I managed a good set of strides averaging around 6:30m/m.  

Jogged home, stretched, rolled, but didn't get to bed until around 11.  I'm trying to get more sleep but I have a hard time winding down.  In any case, the only problem with working out in the evening as a catch-up is when the next day calls for six miles at 6AM.

I survived, and I maintained a good pace and cadence, but I was dragging by the end of it.  Very glad tomorrow is a rest day.

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