Thursday, July 10, 2014

Need for speed.

I'm relatively slow, with a comfy pace of around 9:30 or so.  I think I'm slower than my fitness would suggest, and I don't quite understand why.  I suspect it's mostly because I'm a new runner without a childhood history of competitive endurance sports.

(Read:  I kinda suck at pushing the pace.)

Today's workout called for a ten-minute warm-up, then six one-minute all-out running followed by two minutes walking recovery, then a cooldown.

Six AM is an ungodly early hour for intervals, but it beats attempting them in 95 degree heat later in the day....I was not really feeling it this morning.  A little tired, a slightly whiny right knee, and just no desire to get going.  As you can tell from the warm-up:

Split Time Distance Avg Pace
1 10:34.0 1 10:34
3 01:00.6 0.16 6:20
5 01:00.4 0.16 6:16
7 00:59.8 0.16 6:24
9 00:59.1 0.14 6:59
11 00:59.2 0.15 6:30
13 01:00.3 0.15 6:31

I left out the recovery walking because they're dull.  But look!  For short bursts of time, I am capable of mustering some speed!

(Read:  I kinda suspect I'm lazy when it comes to easy run paces...)

The fourth interval (split 9) above was especially great because a giant deer crashed down the mountain, storming across the trail about twenty feet ahead of me.  I'm from Pennsylvania, where deer are these small suburban flower-eaters.   They mill around lawns and are about the size of golden retrievers.  Western deer are beasts. When they crash through a trail, you stop and gawk.  

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